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The services today can be divided into two types of weight loss. Those who pledge rapid results by supplementing and reducing calories and all those whose emphasis is on improving health overall results in slower but much more permanent results. Now I know that with their beautiful and glamorous marketing storeys of people losing 20 30 livres a month, the vast majority of weight loss programmes encourage fast results; however, do you never hear from the very same person who has finally stopped the machine and ended up gaining the weight behind? Ha! Have! Why would an organisation want to do that? The truth is that the vast majority of these fast results systems struggle to deliver a long-term outcome, but we switch from one method to the next due to their appeal as well as multiple solutions.

This makes me wonder what’s the safe loss of weight? I will describe weight loss as a “side effect of making healthier lifestyle choices. They will lose weight when someone gets stronger! It might not take as long a day, but there is greater chance it will take a longer period of time. In general it is considered safe to lose 1 3 livres a week. This amount could be raised by loss of extra water in the first couple of weeks. The calculation of your hip-to-hip ratio is another very easy means of deciding if weights loss is healthy. Take 2 measurements using a measuring tape: one around your belt line and one around your naval line. divide your waist and your hip. Then divide the measurement (belt line). This should be minimized when you start weight loss! When you see a decrease in this ratio, you lose inches of bowel fat, which is a much better signal of good weight loss than weight alone.


A body composition analysis is the most efficient way to assess if your weight loss is healthy. The assessment would take factors such as body fat mass, body water, and maxillofacial mass into account. A safe and successful weight loss plan, though lean (muscle mass), should increase or even remain the same, display a decrease in body fat mass. Sometimes though, I speak to people who have lost substantial weight on the alternative system, but who have lost significant muscle mass whenever they show me their body composition. It’s not safe by any way. Muscle weighs more than fat, and weight loss programmes that reduce calories facilitate muscle loss. Since numerous studies have shown that the maintenance of muscle mass is a reliable factor in efficiency and longevity, the method is obviously poor.


How can you say if your weight loss programme encourages safe weight loss? I suggest looking at the aspects below.


1. Any health guidelines does not encourage calorie limits. Calorie limits contribute to hunger and attack the body’s muscle reserves. When this happens, the body will respond by giving you irresistible cravings, and you will come back to gain weight.

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2. Eat the real food! Many plans provide premade food, bars or supplements. They also have preservatives, artificial additives or even foods that have been refined. They normally function as hormone disruptors in the body and can potentially stimulate weight gain with other conditions such as diabetes and cancer.


3. It probably does if it sounds too good to be real. The amount of weight loss marketing is insane. The truth is that lifestyle is the number one factor that defines your overall health and your ability to decrease.


4. Find a method that takes account of previous points and is supervised by a physician, a chiropractor and a nutritionist. The fact that certain services attested to “coaches” across a series of short training courses is another issue I see with weight loss programmes. For seven years I went to school. Decide who you would like to help you get healthier.


I urge you to take this advice into account in case you are now taking part in a weight loss system or maybe considering one in the future. Deciding on the right programme may be stressful, but it can also be very fun if you realise that you are turning into a healthier person.

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