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Hair transplants are becoming extremely popular with males who experience male pattern baldness and seek to re-establish a natural, fully fledging skull, especially the process called the follicular unit transplantation. However, the misconceptions and confusion of this process are put away by the many men and women who learn about it. Here are a step-by-step guide to 5 stages of modern hair transplantation to clarify certain misunderstandings:

The stage of the consultation

A clinic with hair transplant should begin with a hair consultation to detect the quantity and choice of your hair loss. You must think of your age, as in your twenties males whose hair will still grow should not receive transplants. If your baldness is too high, there may be not enough donor hair left and much too large a barren area to repair. You need a reasonable image of what you can achieve.


Removal of the hair

A tiny skin streak, about 1 cm short, is removed from your back of mind where you still need a lot of dense hair. This can be achieved with a local anesthetic to minimize pain. In a matter of weeks, the edges of the wound are sutured together to heal entirely making a little scar in the hair.

The Level of Follicle Transplant

The hair follicles are split into the strip of the donor hair. The balding area of the scalp produces small operating incisions with a needle that inserts these follicles, either separately or in a small number. When placing these follicles, you should build a hairline which resembles your natural hairline.


The level of recovery

Many clinics will provide you with a quiet area for a couple of hours before you come back home. A few days, several people have just a mild swelling of the front and the scabs from the surgical incisions will be noticeable for about a week. New hair must begin to develop approximately 14 16 weeks after the procedure and the look of the hair after approximately 6 months will improve significantly.

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The next step The

Most males would need not less than 2 hair transplantation sessions to achieve the results required. This should not be less than 6 months apart so that the previous transplant can be applied. The donor hair, including the initial scar, should be removed from the same region the next time around. The clinic should also have 6 months of testing when you have enough hair transplantation sessions to ensure that your transplants are as they should grow.


Another perfect way to make your hair look better, to restore your natural hairline, increase your confidence and make you even more attractive is to have a hair transplant. Follicles inserted in the balding region of the donor’s hair must continue continuing to increase as they are finished in the back of the head.

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