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How many of us can remember that when we were young, we wanted a fighter pilot? To dream of becoming a pilot and actually flying an aircraft is part of the imagination of every boy. I remember the days of the existing wooden aircraft, which had to be kept in the air while we sounded beautifully to make us believe. These visions are not really possible for everyone, regrettably. With the passage of time, we can do nothing more than watch our hopes and desires wash away in oblivion. However we are now able to enjoy our dream while it lasts or just take the ride on the nostalgia street and recall the days long gone, because the advance of the internet and free online flash games.

The growth of the Internet and technological advancements, such as broadband networks and Adobe Flash, have led to the creation of game applications in various niches. In the first days, cyber space, like sports, action and adventure games, was dominated by more conventional genres. But these niches of online gaming have now evolved to deal with a certain number of other genres, such as free flying games. These games allow players to be a virtual fighter pilot of Berlin or even command their battalion during the Second World War. In any case, people of ages can live their dreams for some time in a virtual environment. Many games are much less comprehensive and require only some trendy flying over a hoop or even obstacle. The player gets a feeling of flight and control of his plane by using simple keyboard controls.

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Online flying games also enhance over time. In the last decade, it was precisely because of their better attention to detail that these games became popular. The aircraft look much more reasonable with graphics with high resolution in the mix. The player is dismayed when unique effects and sound scores crash. Some flying games also have advanced control panels with a mini map, altitude and speed indicators, mission status and other great information. These free online games will to a certain degree prepare young minds for NASA high-tech simulators with the best pilots to train astronauts.

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Free-flying online games are absolutely safe to enjoy, with no overt violent scenes or bloodshed. Some flying titles, such as ‘Hostile Sky,’ can evoke the hostile feelings of the Second World War, but these scenes may be considered above all historical multimedia information. Children of all ages, who spend several hours playing flying games online on their computer, can easily be found.

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