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While there are arguments on both sides of the issue in general, there are several main advocates for medical marijuana that give them tremendous legitimacy.

1. Market Studies-The organisation has announced the advantages provided by the medicine to those with AIDS or any form of terminal cancer appear much more significant than any of the dangers, either substantiated or suspected. They also argued that the FDA must also be lenient to the use of medical marijuana in terminally ill patients, precisely because the FDA is swift to approve new cancer medicinal drugs.

2. American College of Physicians — The ACP is not really in support of the benefits of medical marijuana, but they argue that the marijuana should not be treated as the controlled substance in schedule I. They claim that it can definitely operate in some cases and that, compared to other drugs with a similar classification, it is reasonably safe. They argue most strongly for legal protection for doctors who advise or even recommend it to patients.


3. The herbal cure is less harmful than many drugs routinely prescribed by the doctors, says Jocelyn Elders, MD. There are also “overwhelming” evidence to prove that symptoms such as nausea , vomiting and pain may be beneficial. She also says. It is particularly helpful for people with MS, AIDS, and cancer, or for the drugs used to treat these conditions.


4. Donald Abrams, MD – In the Interior Medicine Annals, Abrams has claimed that patients with AIDS who have either smoked marijuana or who may have used it with tablets have a good immune system and then a false version of treatment that has been used. Moreover, they clearly had much more appetite than people who had taken the wrong version, because they weighed on average 4 pounds more.

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5. Judge Francis L. Young — Young is a DEA Judge. He said that the DEA could not prohibit people who need medical marijuana from benefiting from the positive effects of medical marijuana. He said that a ruling of 9-6-88 specifically showed many benefits of medical cannabis.


6. Carter, Gregory T. – Carter insists that Marinol is not a substitution for marijuana with many active ingredients other than THC, which Marinol is supposed to mimic.


7. Lester Grinspoon, MD – Grinspoon from the Harvard Medical School said there is no proof of the possible health effects of marijuana when it comes to drug use. While the drug has been “widely smoked” for more than 4 decades in western civilization, he listed the fact that there has been no case associating marijuana to lung cancer or emphysema.

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