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We are all aware that the use of medicinal marijuana is permitted from 14 states in the United States as well as countries such as Canada, Israel, Finland, Spain , Portugal, Germany, Holland, Austria and Italy. Only last November 2010 was the 15th State passed a bill legalizing marijuana use and possession in Arizona for medicinal purposes alone.

Similar to the other 14 States, patients must obtain an identification card for medical marijuana. He or she should be a “qualified patient” to do this, meaning he or she should have a chronic or weaker condition. A doctor, osteopaths, homoeopaths or even naturopaths who are professionals who have a licence to prescribe medical marijuana medication must provide the patient with a written prescription. A written record must also be given for this doctor on this recommendation, the grounds for giving it and its signature. They will apply for a card until they have the 2 documents. However, the medical marijuana recommendation stops with just a few consultations.

The laws of Arizona on medical marijuana need, however, to be amended further because laws on the legality of drugs overlap, especially in cases of marijuana. In spite of their legality, the holders of medicinal marijuana cards may still violate legislation. It’s only one ambivalence that should be explained by lawmakers in Arizona. Furthermore, if you live in Plan and Arizona, despite a passport, you have to at least employ an accident lawyer, so that you have no consequences.

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The dispensaries should be licenced as non-profits for medical marijuana. They must have records proving their legal functioning. They must only administer medicated marijuana to qualified and eligible caregivers who have a valid card. They are liable to law if they are imported, produced, stored, manufactured or perhaps distributed for different other purposes.

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