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The mining of these times has become an occupation that very few can support due to the high maintenance and expense of machinery, as well as the payment of the Internet and energy services. This is why this activity has been concentrated in areas around the world that have low energy rates sufficient to make mining profitable. These problems are the result of what is known as cloud mining.

In fully open transactions, Genesis Mining provides legal bitcoin and altcoins mining with no hidden costs, and nowadays it is holding help conferences for those who in Bitcoin want to find out about the benefits of cryptography.


You can use Genesis Mining to pin ETHER, BTC, LTC, DOGE, DASH, BTCD, United Nations and allocate mining to Bitcoins if you like or even diversify their power in any coin.

1. The first thing to do is to open a Genesis Mining account, it is free of charge, and if you like, you can make investments. We will find in the sidebar on the left all the necessary functions for full management of our investments.


2. In this stage, we will invest in mining, simply to buy space from a server and make it work for us.


From the left menu, pick “Buy the Mining Power,” which will show all the investment options that are readily available. We will not go into depth in each of them because they differ according to current availability.


In this scenario, we will buy a long-term Bitcoin contract. We have agreed to spend at least thirty dollars from the drop down bar.


3. The payment form (Credit Card, Litecoin and Dash) will be picked from the right hand side of the table. We will then pick the payment form.


This is an important aspect, and we have to be careful. In the center, we will enter a promotional code to obtain a three percent discount on the order.


4. In this step you make payment using the method you have chosen, Bitcoins in this case. You have 30 minutes or maybe the order will be cancelled.


Below we will look at the contract details where the regular maintenance costs and the full BTC we will pay are most outstanding.


Finally, the terms are agreed and the order was confirmed.

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5. After a few minutes, you can go to “My Orders,” where you can see the mining contract purchased. We are already mining Bitcoins in the cloud from the control panel.


Genesis Mining has an excellent role in many cryptocurrencies to spread the mining capacity. With the contract we will diversify 50% for Bitcoin mining, for example, and the other 50% for Litecoin. For example


You should make all the variations you can think of to optimise your investment.


Final recitals:


– Mining is a high risk company and relies heavily on cryptocoins costs.

– This is a good chance to diversify in the cryptocurrency market.

– Remember to start with a sum reduced before you see how the mining company operates.

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