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More and more people are putting their jobs at home. The latest information from the American Labor Bureau reports that there are currently more than 18.3 million home-based firms in the US. Home offices are not just for workers themselves, with telecommuting options in many industries, employees are capable of conducting some or most of their duties from home. Many different homes reflect this trend have “bonus” private rooms which can be used for office space.

Many of the positive aspects of a home office are the freedom to make your own timetable, dress as you want and the capacity to operate in your personal environment. On the downside there are concerns surrounding the security of privacy, the separation of working time from family time, but the lack of room is great for creating a professional, productive office.


If you intend to have a home office or even an office, but it does not really work, or if you are not sure why, take a few minutes to consider the working style of yourself and your personal interests. You would have to think about a variety of specific specifications before buying office furniture or appliances. Build a list of your fundamental needs for productive work. Visualize your dream bureau and try to incorporate a few dream things in your budget and workspace. This is your chance to build an optimal working atmosphere for you.


The following are some important questions that are required in order to design an office that represents who you are and provides a work atmosphere that is experienced and efficient for your work style.


· What’s the budget for you?


· List all equipment that you need. Where are they going to be established?

· You want to have a desktop or a laptop could do the job? ·


· How many are you going to print? Take note of the scale and location of the printer.


· Consider the needs of power, cables and telecommunications. Have you sufficient outlets in your room? Are they where they are needed?


· Are you left handed or right? For ease of use and movement, other desktops and telephone products.


· What are your criteria for lighting? Is natural light available? Are you going to work at night? Do you need lighting for the task?


· Can your clients attend meetings or consultations? Would you like a private office entrance? Do you need space to meet?


· Does your chosen room have noise problems? How quick are you to distract with noise?


· What are the zoning laws of your city?


· Do you need materials of reference nearby? Would you need bookcases, wall racks and containers to fit and make the materials easily available to you?


· What are the conditions for your room for filing? Have you put in place a file system for quick record collection and filing?


· Is there a nook or maybe a cranny that you can build to a workplace if your home doesn’t have an extra space for your office?


· Would you like a large project workspace, mailing, sorters etc.? Is it important that this room is in the workplace?


Ergonomics are important to plan the work environment and to take the equipment into account in the comfort of the worker. Effective ergonomics can be used to alleviate headache, tension pain and headache. The best place to start is a comfortable, flexible chair. Furthermore, change your laptop screen to keep your eye level. Your computer mouse should be placed straight before the screen and more comfortably in your shoulders and arms, so that your arm is not too long or even too high.

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Many people begin to work in their home office when the desk is built and never think of processes and systems that can ease their work. Please take enough time to look up and appreciate your personal quirks before you move a desk or maybe purchase a fax machine. Take into account what distracts you and motivates you. Regardless of whether it is your financial budget to instal customized cabinets or maybe to look at a second-hand shop, those plans will contribute to making your home office an effective and efficient place for your work hours.

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