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The topic that has come to light over the last ten years is the provision of legal advice to the poor in South Africa. Legal advice comes from South Africa at no expense, ironically because South Africans account for the largest proportion of low to mid-income groups. Another explanation why the legal advice is not as accessible seems to be an ironic one is that a large proportion of crimes committed in South Africa are connected with poverty and the majority of the diseases caused by it, including home breakages, robberies and abuse linked to drug and alcohol.

A backlog in court proceedings is a chronic headache for the criminal justice system, the victims, and the accused. The lawyers who work for the state usually have a lot to do, giving their full attention to and case is an excellent thing. But the burden of the criminal justice system is not about them. They are also the people waiting for trial or even those in South Africa who need legal advice. Fortunately, legal advice is now free if you have access to the internet. For all those who do not have access to their own homes, Internet connections in public facilities, such as libraries, are still open.

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You just have to search quickly online, with terms such as, ‘legal problems’ or ‘south African legal advice,’ and a lot of legal government websites and agencies organisations are available for free. You can have insightful knowledge about the exact places to go to obtains the support you need. In addition to the opportunities to guide your questions to a lawyer, you will each give legal advice and tips. You are also going to give you advice on may procedures and who to contact. This saves you from being routed to a hundred wrong people and agencies. And as legal advice doesn’t cost much, you can really get advice from more than one institution. If this is done, you can get a better idea and you can also find out whether the appropriate legal advice has been given to you in South Africa.

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Give the questions you have


You can see that you have the ability to submit your questions to a lawyer on each of these legal pages. You simply need to indicate your case and include your contact information. A lawyer would possibly then write to you about your answer and your question. This is the best and easiest way to get tips.


The Legal Aid hotline is another way. You give the software to advise you on the line. This could be the best option, particularly if you think your situation is an emergency, in order to talk to someone directly. This programme is available for people who reach those income regions. Most people earn under five thousand rands a month.

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